Amal Saqer, Office Manager, Praxis Education

“Our staff feedback post office completion has been ecstatically positive. Employees simply ‘love their office and environment’ and think of it as their ‘second home’.  We receive almost daily compliments from visitors and customers who feel comfortable and welcomed in our office environment, with some even reporting ‘they don’t want to leave’. Overall, we are extremely happy with Elemento’s design and their professionalism and quality in delivery. Many thanks Elemento!”

Pauline Leale, MD, Sloanes Real Estate LLC

“Sloanes accepted a proposal by Elemento LLC to provide a customised design and fit-out of tour front-office area including the boardroom, waiting room, and individual offices.

Based upon Sloanes colour branding, Elemento designed a striking entrance leading to a restful semi-circular waiting area adjacent to the Reception desk.  Further, the sales team’s workspace was completely revamped, producing a light and graceful ambience in an otherwise naturally dark area of the building. While very satisfied with Elemento’s final design, we were additionally impressed with their fit-out with a professional team of builders and craftsmen who easily met the deadline for completion of the project. The entire Sloanes team are extremely pleased with the new office and I am sure it has contributed to increased productivity as team members enjoy coming to work in such a pleasantly stimulating office environment. I cannot thank Elemento enough and I would be very pleased to endorse them should they require it.“

Property Owner, Contemporary Villa, Emirates Hills, E Sector

“I loved the way the Elemento team combined vintage together with some lovely new pieces. We come home to space where we can all be comfortable…. Each of my kids had very specific ideas about their bedrooms, and Elemento pleased us all”

Property Owner, Limestone House, DIFC, 2nd floor, 3 Bedroom

“I have been fortunate to be able to use the services of the renown and accomplished Elemento Design Team. I have used this Team before and they have never let me down. I have complete trust in their ability to deliver to my entire satisfaction. In fact, they seem to know me and my needs better than I do myself.

I must say that I do not have “artistic flair” and I find it very difficult to conceptualise and envisage the end product. The Elemento Design Team do take time to explain to me in detail the style, products, materials, colours, textures etc they plan to use in each room; however, I find this difficult to appreciate fully. This is why “trust” is so critically important. The end result is pleasing to me and exceeds that which I had imagined.

I ask myself “How is it that the Elemento Design Team are able to repeatedly deliver beyond expectation?”. It is simple: their team members have excellent complimentary skills and experience; and they work together effectively with excellent co-ordination and communications.

The team have excellent design skills and is able to conceptualise and expertly advise where I can “cut corners” to minimise costs and is robust to highlight politely where it would be a mistake to do so. Kris is a marvel with great project management skills and knowledge of available technology and “systems” (HiFi, WiFi, routers, gadgets etc) that are key to ensuring everything is functional and “just right”. Lastly, but not least, is Francis who has the unenviable task of ensuring “vision” is transformed into “reality”. He has rare ability to ensure that those entrusted to carry out the “chores” (painting, plumbing, plastering, electrical, deliveries etc) do so in an efficient and conscientious manner. He has zen-like patience that enables him to remain focused and achieve the extremely high and exacting standards that he sets for himself. This allows me to keep relaxed – confident in the knowledge that everything will turn out “just right”.

As is evident, I am pleased with, and grateful to, the Elemento Design Team.”

Beverley Hills Aesthetic Clinic, Dubai

“Shelly has provided excellent interior design service to our centre in Jumeriah; this is all inclusive from interior design, furniture selection, room layout, and colour selection, comprehensive and complete from idea to implementation in terms of look and feel. I have found her work and ideas to be creative as well as beautiful. She is accomplished with colour and savvy with it usage in her designs. She strives to satisfy and does so! I am proud to recommend Shelly for all interior design needs.”

Jazz Bedesha, N.A.I.L.S. Spa, Dubai Marina

“Elemento artfully mixed all my envisioned ideas, colour preferences and taste, and added her unique creative flair, to build a spa that represents both bespoke and innovative design.”

Ecolog International

“Elemento provided us with great service across all our company owned properties. They proved themselves to be most reliable, often working under pressure. For each property Elemento delivered no matter what our demanding schedule required. We were satisfied with the results across both our commercial and residential properties with the excellent service they delivered.”

Mr Dash, homeowner, Limestone House, DIFC, 11th floor, 3 Bedroom

“I wanted a complete bespoke fit out for my new apartment, including a built in bar in the place of an existing corner study! The designer form Elemento took into consideration all my needs and requests for a modern, elegant look that was both homely and practical. My concerns regarding my back issue were taken into consideration with all the bespoke furniture made. I am very pleased with the outcome and the look that has been achieved. I left most of the colour & fabric decisions to the designer in charge and she gave me her opinion on what she thought I would like and what would look good. The whole apartment looks fantastic and I highly recommend this interior design company and the designer.”

Top Executive of a multi-national firm, Bayunah Tower in Abu Dhabi

“Along with the envisioned design, both the execution and experience of working with you both has gone above and beyond what I expected. Your design consultancy throughout the project is particularly appreciated, as is the attention to detail.”

Property Owner, Limestone House, DIFC, 2nd floor, 3 Bedroom

Elemento did a wonderful job furnishing our apartment. Over the years many friends and family have visited and the apartment has never ceased to take people’s breath away. Its is a property that has brought my wife and myself much happiness over the years.

Torina Misquitta, PA to the Vice Chairman of KIPCO

“…[the] impeccable leadership skills, procuring, supervising and management of the project must be praised. Kris’ constant guidance and helpfulness made the partnership a pleasurable experience.”

Property Owner, Tiara Residence, Ruby Building, Palm Jumeriah, Holiday Let Apartment

My Tiara apartment has done very well to attract attention for people who would like to come to Dubai on holiday. Kris and Julie did a great job in providing us with an apartment that provides a luxury lifestyle that visitors seek. I am very happy that the décor suits so many different tastes.

Mr Reza, Golf Tower, The Views, Holiday Let Apartment

I was very happy with the completed result. Kris and Julie turned this project around in a short space of time and completed it within budget all whilst adding the “Wow” factor


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