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In 2014, Sloanes accepted a proposal by Elemento LLC to provide a customised design and fit-out of their front-office area including the boardroom, waiting room, and individual offices. Based upon Sloanes colour branding, Elemento designed a striking entrance leading to a restful semi-circular waiting area adjacent to the Reception desk. Further, the sales team’s workspace was completely revamped, producing a light and graceful ambience in an otherwise naturally dark area of the building. While very satisfied with Elemento’s final design, we were additionally impressed with their fit-out with a professional team of builders and craftsmen who easily met the deadline for completion of the project. The entire Sloanes team are extremely pleased with the new office and I am sure it has contributed to increased productivity as team members enjoy coming to work in such a pleasantly stimulating office environment. I cannot thank Elemento enough and I would be very pleased to endorse them should they require it. Pauline Leale, MD, Sloanes Real Estate LLC, December 2014


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