Limestone House, DIFC, 2nd floor – 3 Bedroom

Our client purchased this home to enjoy proximity to his office as well as the dining establishments nearby. He appreciated quality and the finer things in life and as such briefed us to create him a haven of comfort and relaxation to come home to after long hours at the office. He is an avid collector of books and music and as such required a huge amount of storage throughout the apartment for him to keep these items close by. All our walls have been built to include specially sized and designed storage for records, cassettes, CDs, DVDs and books. Since our client likes uncluttered spaces everything has been build around including water coolers and filing cabinets to create a polished and functional space with clean lines. The apartment lacked natural light and so special attention was paid to ambient lighting in the design including incorporating light into the walls, furniture and ceilings. We provided a full turn key solution where our client need only unpack his suitcase and he is home.

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I have been fortunate to be able to use the services of the renown and accomplished Elemento Design Team. I have used this Team before and they have never let me down. I have complete trust in their ability to deliver to my entire satisfaction. In fact, they seem to know me and my needs better than I do myself. I must say that I do not have “artistic flair” and I find it very difficult to conceptualize and envisage the end product. The Elemento Design Team do take time to explain to me in detail the style, products, materials, colors, textures etc they plan to use in each room; however, I find this difficult to appreciate fully. This is why “trust” is so critically important. The end result is pleasing to me and exceeds that which I had imagined. I ask myself “How is it that the Elemento Design Team are able to repeatedly deliver beyond expectation?”. It is simple: their team members have excellent complimentary skills and experience; and they work together effectively with excellent co-ordination and communications. Julie has excellent design skills and is able to conceptualize and expertly advise where I can “cut corners” to minimize costs and is robust to highlight politely where it would be a mistake to do so. Kris is a marvel with great project management skills and knowledge of available technology and “systems” (HiFi, WiFi, routers, gadgets etc) that are key to ensuring everything is functional and “just right”. Lastly, but not least, is Francis who has the unenviable task of ensuring “vision” is transformed into “reality”. He has rare ability to ensure that those entrusted to carry out the “chores” (painting, plumbing, plastering, electrical, deliveries etc) do so in an efficient and conscientious manner. He has zen-like patience that enables him to remain focused and achieve the extremely high and exacting standards that he sets for himself. This allows me to keep relaxed – confident in the knowledge that everything will turn out “just right”. As is evident, I am pleased with, and grateful to, the Elemento Design Team.
Property Owner - Limestone House, DIFC, 2nd floor – 3 Bedroom


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