Ecolog Corporate Head Quarters, DAFZA, Corporate Building

A 3 story office building in DAFZA. Ecolog provided us their second building to design. The brief was to make this a very comfortable working environment where staff would feel happy even when working late hours. The corporate image was maintained whilst providing slightly more casual design than in the executive building.  That said the executive floor of this building was just as opulent and well appointed as the executive building next door.

The offices & conference rooms were treated with the same paleqe of color that was carried through from the reception area with custom designed floor treatments, panels & furnishing.

Services Provided

Interior Architectural & Design Consultancy


Elemento provided us with great service across all our company owned properties. They proved themselves to be most reliable, often working under pressure. For each property Elemento delivered no matter what our demanding schedule required. We were satisfied with the results across both our commercial and residential properties with the excellent service and style that they delivered. Ecolog International


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