Darvesh Group Corporate Headquarters, DIP

This project was to design a 12,000 sq ft two story office building within the corporate offices. The design needed to incorporate the company’s colours of black, white and gold and incorporate the company’s corporate image and branding. This was achieved by designing a modern, functional office with a welcoming and spacious atmosphere. To comply with the principles of Vastu, we also had to ensure all elements within the building were strategically placed including the location of offices depending on their purpose and they types, colour and positioning of furniture. The first floor was to house the main workforce and the second floor to house the Executives so it was important to illustrate this in their design. A bright and airy design was implemented on the first floor with separate areas portioned by glass panels optimising the light and open spaces. This design resulted in modern functional workspaces in an open plan environment. On the Executive floor, we tailor-made offices for each Executive. This was challenging to ensure that all of the individuals needs were catered for whilst maintaining the company branding. Our stylish textures and finishing effects topped the creation of a modern and welcoming, open spaced office.

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